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8/31   Get your copy of the Biology textbook.  Write your first and last name on the inside cover in ink.  Sign the textbook inventory sheet.  This book is to go home and stay there!  We have a class set of biology books for you to use here at school. 8/31  
    Intro to www.time4science.com .  This is the site that has all the information you need to know concerning this class.  Policies, assignment calendar, supplies, etc.    
    View the "Safe or Sorry?" video.  Describe at least 5 things that this science student is doing wrong.  Then, explain how a student would carry out the same activity in a safe manner.    
    Review the Lab Safety Guidelines handout.    
  9/3 Read the Lab Safety Contract carefully and return with all information and required signatures.   9/4
    Assemble your lab folder using the one provided by your teacher.  Please place your copy of the lab safety guidelines in this folder.    
  9/1 HW:  What's My Name?  and click on the link to play the matching game.  See if you know the names of all the pieces of equipment shown.  If you see items during the game that were not covered in class, add them to your equipment list and try to figure out what their function might be.   9/2
9/1 9/3 Review "Safe or Sorry?" activity and turn it in for a grade. 9/2 9/3
    Review Lab Safety Guide and introduce classroom safety and  lab equipment items.    
  9/3 HW:  Try the Biology Laboratory Equipment Pretest and see how much you know about the lab equipment.  You will need to be able to spell out the name of each piece of equipment.  SPELLING COUNTS!  BUT.... since this is a pretest, it will not be taken for a grade.  Use this opportunity to practice for the real test that you will be taking next week.   9/4
  9/3 Remember to turn in completed Lab Safety Contracts!   9/4
9/3 9/3 DUE TODAY!  Turn in completed Lab Safety Contracts! 9/4 9/4
    Practice Quiz!    
    Finish reviewing the lab safety guide and learning the names of pieces of lab equipment.    
  9/8 HW:  Go to Biology Laboratory Equipment Pretest and What's My Name?  for review and practice!  Be ready to take the Safety and Equipment test in our NEXT CLASS!   9/9
9/8 9/8 Lab Safety & Equipment Test today!!! 9/9 9/9
  9/8 Milk Lab - Developing Observational Skills   Turn in your lab at the end of class.   9/9
9/10 9/10 Turn in the Milk Lab! 9/11 9/11
  9/14 Sponge Bob & the Scientific Method - an activity to become more familiar with the way scientists use the scientific method to solve problems. 9/11 9/15
    Ecology Notes - Producers, Herbivores & Carnivores    
9/14   Tweak Scientific Method Notes!  Double check the Sponge Bob WS 9/15  
  9/14 Turn in the Sponge Bob WS   9/15
    IC Activity - The Martian & the Car    
    Notes - Characteristics of Living Organisms    
9/16   Review all information for our quiz next class. 9/17  
  9/18 IC & HW: Ch. 1 Vocabulary Assignment - pg. 21 Key Terms (26 total).  Write out the term, underline/highlight it, then define it using your textbook.  Number each term on your list.  This must be handwritten!   9/21
  9/18 HW:  In your textbook, read pages 6-20 dealing with the characteristics of living organisms, real-world problems and solving problems using the scientific method.We will have a quiz on the scientific method, characteristics of life, abiotic & biotic factors, and energy flow from the sun through living organisms.  Study this information for the quiz next class!   9/21
9/18 9/18 Turn in the Ch. 1 vocabulary assignment. 9/21 9/21
  9/18 Quiz!  Ch. 1   9/21
  9/18 Movie: "Seasonal Seas"  Take a look at the complex relationships that exist between living things and their environment.   Answer the questions on the movie WS.  Turn it in at the end of class.  (To view this movie at home, click here!   9/21
9/22   Pre-test on the Carbon, Nitrogen and Water Cycles using remotes.    
    Notes on "Abiotic Factors" and their importance in ecosystems. 9/23  
  9/24 HW:  Ch. 16 Vocabulary - sections 1 & 3 only.  Number and underline each term.   9/25
    HW:  Read Ch. 16 Ecosystems, pgs.340-345 and 350-355.  Then study how Nature recycles the materials needed to sustain life.  Go to:  Carbon Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle, Water Cycle.    
9/24 9/24 Turn in the Ch. 16 Vocabulary 9/25 9/25
    Notes on "Populations, Communities, Food Webs & Chains"    
  9/28 Study your notes and textbook for a quiz next class.   9/29
9/28 9/28 Quiz on Ch. 16 9/29 9/29
    Notes: Nitrogen Cycle (the role of decomposers and nitrogen fixers) and succession.    
    Fill in the missing information on the Nitrogen Cycle diagram.  You will need to get the information from someone in class.    
9/30   Dirty Jobs: Worm Ranchers 10/1  
    Plant & Animal Cell - color code the diagram.    
10/2   Parts of the Microscope - Notes 10/5  
    Powers of 10    
10/6-8   Lab: Introduction to the Light Microscope 10/7  
  10/6 Microscope Parts Quiz   10/7
10/14   PSAT Testing - No HW    
10/16 10/16 Complete the microscope lab and turn it in. 10/13 10/13
  10/16 Skill Quiz - Making a Wet Mount   10/13
  10/16 Skill Quiz - Using the Light Microscope   10/13
10/20   Project: Design a Space Colony (worth a test grade 10/15 10/21
10/22   WS: Ch. 3 Microscopes, Cell Structures & Functions 10/19  
10/26   Turn in the Space Colony Prototype and the essay. 10/21  
    Notes on cell structures and functions.  Finish them up!!! 10/27  
10/28   Finish up Skill Quizzes.    
    Notes on cell structures and functions.  Finish them up!!!    
10/30   Review for Cell test.  Jeopardy! 10/29  
11/3   Cell Test 11/2  
11/4   Cell Membranes & Cell Size 11/5  

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