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AP Basics & the Chemistry of Life


Objectives: Chapter 1
  Chapter 2
  Chapter 3
  Chapter 4
  Chapter 5
Notes: Notes:  Ch. 1 Introduction: Ten Themes in the Study of Life  
  Notes:  Ch. 2 The Chemical Context of Life
  Notes: Ch. 3 Water and the Environment
  Notes:  Ch. 4 Carbon Chemistry
  Notes:  Ch. 5 Structure & Function of Macromolecules
Labs: AP Lab 2: Enzyme Catalysis
  Virtual Lab: Lab 2: Enzyme Catalysis
  Toothpickase Lab
  Introduction to Biochemistry Models
  Biochemistry Pattern Matching ***
  Enzyme Action- Testing Catalase Activity - Vernier
  Enzyme Lab - Bio 114 on BioWeb
Handouts: The Cattle-ist Story
  All You Ever Wanted to Know About Enzymes
Quia: What's My Name?
  Biology Laboratory Equipment
Websites: Pattern Matching with Organic Molecules ***
  Periodic Table 
  Chemistry Review
  Macromolecule Problems
  Acids & Bases
  pH Problems
  Structure of the Water Molecule, Proteins & DNA
  Electrostatic Forces & Water

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