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Objectives: Chapter 3
Notes: AP Biology Notes for this Chapter
Articles: Nobel Prize for the Discovery of Aquaporin
Labs: AP Lab
  Lab Bench Virtual Lab: Lab 1: Diffusion & Osmosis & Worksheet
  Why are cells so small?  & the models
  Lab: Osmosis & Diffusion
Websites: www.johnkyrk.com
  Virtual Lab: Learning to Use the Microscope
  Using the Microscope
  "Inside the Cell"
  Cells Alive
  DNA Structure
  Endoplasmic Reticulum & Golgi complex
  Lysosomes, Endocytosis & Lysosome Action
  Membrane Transport 
  Transport Mechanisms
  Cellular Transport
  Passive and  Active Transport
  HHMI - Bacterial Growth movie
  Composition of the Cell Membrane
  Plasma Membrane
  Osmosis in an Isotonic Environment
  Osmosis in a Hypertonic Environment
  Osmosis in a Hypotonic Environment
  Diffusion across cell membranes - osmosis and dialysis


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