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Cellular Energetics


Objectives: Chapter
Handouts: Review over Glucose Metabolism
  LB - Cellular Respiration AS
Labs: AP Lab
  Lab Bench: Photosynthesis
  Virtual Lab:  Lab 4: Plant Pigments & Photosynthesis
  Lab Bench:  Lab 5: Cell Respiration
  Virtual Lab:  Lab 6: Molecular Biology
  Virtual Lab:  Lab 12: Dissolved Oxygen
Websites: www.johnkyrk.com
  Mitochondria Dr.Jastrow's EM-Atlas
  How Glycolysis Works - MH
  Glycolysis - Sinauer
  How NADH Works - MH
  How the Kreb's Cycle Works - MH
  How the Electron Transport Chain Works (1) - MH
  How the Electron Transport Chain Works (2) - MH
  Leaf Structure & Function
  Photosynthesis - Light Reaction
  Photosynthesis - Virtual Cell Animation
  Photosynthetic Electron Transport & ATP Synthesis
  Cyclic & Noncyclic Phosphorylation
  Metabolic Processes
  The Calvin Cycle
  Calvin Cycle Animation
  YouTube - Calvin Cycle (GREAT!)

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