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Cells & Tissues


Objectives: Ch. 3 Objectives
Notes: Ch.3 - Cells & Tissues  A, B, C & D
Handouts: Parts of the Compound Light Microscope
  Cell Structures & Functions crossword puzzle
Coloring Book: Ch. 3 Coloring Book
Labs: Microscope Lab
  Osmosis & Diffusion
  Lab: Red Onion Osmosis
  Root Tip Mitosis Lab
  Lab: Tissue Types Pt.1:  Study slides of various epithelial and connective tissue types.  Make some detailed sketches of the cell types and record notes concerning the shape, appearance, arrangement and location of these types of tissues.
Articles: Growing New Organs - Scientific American
Quia: Review: Histology - Tissue Types & Parts
Movies:  “The Incredible Human Machine”.
Cell Websites: www.johnkyrk.com
  Virtual Lab: Learning to Use the Microscope
  Making a Wetmount
  Cells Alive
  Composition of the Cell Membrane
  Plasma Membrane
  Endoplasmic Reticulum & Golgi complex
  Protein Trafficking
  Vesicular Shuttle Model
  Cisternae Maturation Model
  Osmosis in an Isotonic Environment
  Osmosis in a Hypertonic Environment
  Osmosis in a Hypotonic Environment
  Diffusion across cell membranes - osmosis and dialysis
Histology Websites: Histology Self Study Unit of Basic Tissues
  Histology - Crimando
  Al's Tutorials - Histology
  Histology Self Study Unit of Basic Tissues
  University of Wisconsin - Histology Home page


Cell Histology