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Human Anatomy
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Introduction to Anatomy Integumentary System Special Senses Respiratory System
Cells & Tissues Skeletal System Digestive System Urinary System
  Muscular System Cardiovascular System Lymphatic System
  Nervous System   Reproductive System
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  • The due date (DD) is the date the assignment must be turned in to receive full credit.  Worked turned in after the requested time will be considered late.  

  • The late work must be turned in by the unit's test date.

  • All late work will be penalized 50 %.

  • Students with excused absences are able to make up and turn in missed assignments in a time frame proportional to the number of days missed.

  • Students with unexcused absences must make up missed work, but the assignment grades will be penalized 50%

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