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The Plant Kingdom


Date Assignment Due Date
  Notes on the Plant Kingdom (Vascular & Nonvascular Plants), Moss Life Cycle  
  Moss Life Cycle drawing - Color code and bring it with you to our next class.  
  Extra credit!  Moss, liverworts & horsetails!  Bring in a sample and receive some extra credit points.  
  Nonvascular Plant Lab - Turn it in next class.  
  Review the Nonvascular Plant Lab & add to notes.  
  Notes on vascular plants.  
  HW - Study for a quiz on nonvascular plants. Review the lab, life cycle of the moss diagram and notes taken on nonvascular plants.  Information on NV plants can also be found in Ch. 23, pages 508-509.  
  Quiz on Nonvascular Plants.  
  Planet Earth movie - The Jungle View it here if you were absent!  
  Complete the movie worksheet and turn it in at the end of class.  
  Extra Credit!!!!  Bring in 3 different types of pine cones.  Having a male and female cone from one type of tree counts for 2.  
  Life Cycle of the Conifers - Notes & diagram.  
  Pine Cone Lab  
  HW: Study for Conifer Quiz by reviewing your notes, diagram and pages 536-537.  
  Conifer Quiz!  
  Color-code Leaf Diagram and write out the definitions for the Leaf Vocabulary.  Due next class!  
  Turn in the Leaf Diagram and Vocabulary.  
  Half Day!  Movie:  Planet Earth - Caves.  Answer the questions and turn them in at the end of the class period.  
  Plant WS packet - Due next class!  

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