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Helpful Hints!

If you are looking to increase your level of performance and improve your grades, it is recommended that you do the following:

  • BE POSITIVE!!! A positive attitude is a force to be reckoned with. 

  • Remember that you learned to crawl before you learned to walk!  Be willing to learn from your mistakes. 

  • Be on time! When you are late to class you run the risk of missing important information that you will need to do your very best.

  • Bring the required items to class. Not having the things you need puts you at a disadvantage.

    • Bring your textbook, assignments, pencils and other supplies with you to each class. 

  • Pay attention in class! Write down assignments and their due dates in your student agenda book. 

  • Take notes on the topic being discussed.

  • Ask questions about the material if you do not understand something, or need clarification.

  • Turn in assignments on time. Work turned in late lowers your grade.

    • When you procrastinate about completing your assignments, everything starts to pile up. This makes it difficult (and eventually impossible) to get your work in on time so that you can get the best possible grade. 

  • Read the information assigned before attending class. This way you already have an idea of what will be discussed.

    • Write down any questions you might have on the topic, and bring them to class with you. 

    • It will allow you to "put the pieces of the puzzle together" more quickly and help you gain a better understanding of the material.

  • Read the directions carefully. Different assignments have different instructions. Things change! 

    • If you do not understand the instructions, be sure to ask for clarification.

  • Give yourself ample time. Manage your time wisely and you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish! 

  • Get yourself a "Study Buddy" to work with. Two heads are always better than one! 

  • Get a seminar pass. Take advantage of the chance to get individual help on tricky topics.

    • Sign up on the clipboard to receive your seminar pass during class.

    • Hang on to your pass! It is your responsibility to have it with you when you need it. 

    • Seminar passes will not be issued during the passing period before the requested seminar. 

    • If you are unable to attend seminar for your class, it is possible that you will have to make an after-school appointment to get the help you require.

  • Make flashcards Flashcards will help you memorize information such as symbols, charges, chemical formulas. 

    • Taking a few spare minutes here and there to go through your flashcards will result in a significant improvement in your ability to recall and identify important information used in class.