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Classroom Policies


Lab Safety Rules


  • Know the rules and procedures necessary to stay safe!

  • Follow all safety procedures at all times.

  • Have a signed safety contract on file with your teacher BEFORE going to lab.

  • Know the name of each chemical and piece of lab equipment that you use in an activity.

    • Lab Equipment (PDF format) COMING SOON!

  • If you have safety questions during class or lab time, be sure to ask your teacher BEFORE proceeding with the activity.

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Tardy & Classroom Policies

Be on time!  If you donít make it through the door and in your seat before the bell finishes ringingÖ. You are late!

  • 1st tardy - warning

  • 2nd tardy - after school detention for instructor

  • 3rd tardy & any additional tardies - discipline referral

  • Tardy counts restart at the beginning of each semester. 

Be prepared!  Have your homework, pencils, papers, other required supplies for class with you when you report to class.

Be courteous to others!

  • Listen while others are speaking. 

  • Raise your hand if you wish to ask a question or contribute information. 

  • No foul language.  

  • Donít be unnecessarily loud and boisterous.

  • Stay on-task. Donít distract people from their work. 

No eating or drinking in class!  Put them away before you come in to class, or throw them in the trash.

  • Please place any cans (empty, of course) in the recycle bin available next to the doorway.

No cell phones or music-playing devices in class!  Put them away before you come in to class.  This includes the headphones and cords. 

  • No warnings will be given.  Anytime these items are out and visible, they will be picked up.

  • 1st offense - You may pick the device(s) up at the end of the school day.

  • 2nd offense - The item(s) will be turned in to the main office.

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Grading Policies

Anatomy & Biology Classes:  Three assignment categories will make up your grade in this class:

Homework 30%
Labs 30%
Tests, Quizzes  & Projects 40%
Total 100%


Advanced Placement Biology Classes:  Three assignment categories will make up your grade in this class:

Homework & 10%
Labs 35%
Tests, Quizzes  & Projects 55%
Total 100%


Student grades are recorded using the SMS computer grading system.   Progress reports will be sent to sponsors on a regular basis throughout each quarter.  Students will also receive grade updates during the quarter. 

97-100  A+

87-89  B+

77-79  C+

67-69  D+

Below 60  F

93-96  A

83-86  B

73-76  C

63-66  D

90-92  A-

80-82  B-

70-72  C-

60-62  D-

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Assignment Policies

***AP Courses - Please refer to your syllabus and our AP website.

Assignments:  All assignments are posted daily at www.time4science.com.  Students are expected to keep track of due dates and turn their work in on time. 

  • The due date (DD) is the date the assignment must be turned in to receive full credit.  Worked turned in after the requested time will be considered late.  

  • The last day (LD) that late work will be accepted will be 5 school days after the original due date.

  • All late work will be penalized 50 %.

  • Students with excused absences are able to make up and turn in missed assignments in a time frame proportional to the number of days missed without penalty.

  • Students with unexcused absences must make up missed work, but the assignment grades will be penalized 50%

Extra Credit Work: Extra credit work is periodically offered to the entire class on certain assignments in one of the following forms.

  • Reteach/Retest

  • Bonus points on class work.

  • Reviews of selected scientific articles.

  • Additional EC can be requested if a student if they have completed and turned in all of their class work.   

  • Students missing assignments will not be eligible to take on additional extra credit work.

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  • #2 pencils (all work is done in pencil)

  • 1 pack of colored pencils

  • regular notebook paper (not spiral)

  • 1 large glue stick or 2 small glue sticks

  • 4 - function calculator ( + - x ų )

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